We provide psychological services for all ages

We specialize in children psychopathological disorders and neurodevelopmental disorders

We provide intervention for Dyslexia.

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Ding Child Psychology Centre is a child, family and adult psychology centre which is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia.

Our psychology services include assessment and testing, diagnosis, and treatment for children, adolescents, parents, families and adults.

Our team consists of consultants who are qualified and experienced clinical psychologists and associate psychiatrists. Our consultants adhere firmly to the ethical principles and code of conduct of mental health professionals.

How We Can Help

Firstly, we look at a number of factors and evaluate if the observed emotional distress is disrupting activity daily living, academic, social or family functioning.  

Following that, we propose you or your child to do a standardized assessment if necessary.  

Then, we recommend an appropriate treatment plan depending on your need or your child's needs. Our therapy also includes the opportunity to address parental concerns, educate parents regarding their child's unique needs, and assist them in meeting these needs.

We also work closely with other professionals in related fields and will refer you or your child to them when required.  


About the Founder

Selina Ding Wai Eng is a qualified and experienced educational and clinical psychologist. As an invited speaker and contributor, she has been featured on television as well as in numerous magazines and articles.



"My son is a dyslexic child and is now 8 years old. Only by September last year did I realize his condition. After a long search, I came to Ding Psychology Centre. When he came to this centre, his spelling ability was very poor, his reading ability was very bad, also his comprehending skills were very slow and his handwriting was illegible. After about 3 months of regular classes with this centre, his spelling capabilities have improved tremendously. Also his reading has improved remarkably. He can now read any passage without hesitation, which he never did earlier. Regarding his handwriting, though not beautiful it is eligible now. I hope that his comprehending skills will improve in the months to come."

G. Premalatha

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